catkin์œผ๋กœ ๋นŒ๋“œํ•˜๋‹ค๊ฐ€ ์•„๋ž˜ ๋ฉ”์„ธ์ง€๊ฐ€ ๋œฌ๋‹ค๋ฉด?

CMake Error at /opt/ros/noetic/share/catkin/cmake/catkinConfig.cmake:83 (find_package):
  Could not find a package configuration file provided by "cmake_modules"
  with any of the following names:


  Add the installation prefix of "cmake_modules" to CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH or set
  "cmake_modules_DIR" to a directory containing one of the above files.  If
  "cmake_modules" provides a separate development package or SDK, be sure it
  has been installed.
Call Stack (most recent call first):
  CMakeLists.txt:7 (find_package)

How to solve?


# ๋‹น์‹ ์˜ ROS ๋ฒ„์ „์„ ์ž…๋ ฅํ•˜๋ผ
$ sudo apt install ros-noetic-cmake-modules


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